Month: June 2021

5 Crypto Income Tax Mistakes to Avoid

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Published on 27/06/2021 The crypto boom has caught several people off guard. Many who have invested in cryptocurrencies have seen their money get [...]

How to manage taxes in a small business

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Published on 21/06/2021 The last couple of years have seen small businesses pacing up to rampant growth. Be it due to the power of social media or inherent [...]

What does the Covid-19 retirement rush mean?

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Published on 14/06/2021 Traditionally, people have strongly believed that age is just a number and have been pushing past the retirement age to continue [...]

How to reduce your Capital Gains Tax & Estate Tax

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Published 06/06/2021 Capital gains tax is levied on investments and real estate when the investor sells them after holding them for a year. Capital gains [...]