Month: April 2021

How to pay fewer taxes in retirement

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Published on 26/04/2021 Fulfilling short-term goals is one reason for slogging for hours and going after well-paying jobs. Another reason is to build a [...]

Tips to give yourself extra tax break this year

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Published on 18/04/2021 The Covid-led pandemic shows no signs of abating yet and there are wave after wave of infection seen across the world. The IRS has [...]

5 ways to get a kickstart on your tax filing plans

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Published on 11/04/2021 The window for filing taxes has been extended to May 17 amid all the changes in the tax law due to the pandemic. The extension is a [...]

Should you put money into your IRA account to lower taxes?

Published on 1/4/2021 The Internal Revenue Service has extended the tax filing deadline to May 17, effectively allowing another month for taxpayers to [...]