Month: August 2020

Six retirement tax planning mistakes that can kill financial security

Published on 08/31/2020 If there is one thing that is certain for people with good incomes is that they have to pay taxes on it. While it may pinch [...]

The ins and outs of an uncashed tax check

Let us understand the meaning of uncashed tax check. Basically, whenever the taxpayer files the income tax return, she has to mail the check for payment [...]

All you need to know about the second stimulus check

The month of August brought in a wave of good news amidst the coronavirus gloom. Be it Kamala Harris’ nomination for the Vice Presidentship in the [...]

Five misconceptions about life insurance premium financing

Published on 8/11/2020 A protection cover such as the one provided by life insurance is unmatched. While there are many insurance variants out there in [...]

Indexed Universal Life insurance: A lucrative strategy to help pay for your child’s college education

Published on: 8/10/2020 College costs are rising, and more and more parents are looking for creative ways to afford the kind of education they want [...]