Month: March 2020

A major tax cut for rich real estate investors, tucked into Stimulus Package

Booming the headlines for the past few days, every American by now if aware of the federal government’s $2 trillion economic rescue package. The bill [...]

401k withdrawal penalty waived under the Coronavirus stimulus package

Lawmakers are consistently making amends to make things easier for Americans struggling with the fallout from the pandemic to draw on trillions of dollars [...]

Insights on The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

What is Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? Under the Senate bill, the federal government will be allocating $349 billion to the Small Business [...]

Beware of Stimulus Payment Scams

Refrain yourself from sharing your PayPal credentials, Social Security number, bank account details, and similar information, if someone claims such [...]

The Stimulus Bill 2020: Everything H1B Workers Need To Know

The Stimulus Bill 2020 Coronavirus help payments will be shared with all taxpayers based on their 2018 or 2019 income, including L visa works, H1B. Public [...]

5 Key Takeaways From The $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package

On Wednesday, Trump administration officials with the top Democrats agreed on a $2 trillion rescue package to come grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, [...]

Here’s how the US and private sectors aid to overcome the COVID-19 situation

The US Government & private sectors aid to overcome the pandemic situation. Laid off or unemployed - Unemployment benefits can be [...]

The IRS and Treasury extend the filing tax deadline and federal tax payments

On Friday, March 20th, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted, "At @realDonaldTrump's direction, we are moving Tax Day from April 15th to July 15th. [...]

Government Issues A New Round of Employment Laws

The government issues a round of employment laws. As a result, US employers will be impacted by several new laws amid the COVID-19 outbreak! Here are the [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Covid 19 – SBA Disaster Loans

The US Small Business Administration is offering disaster assistance loans for small businesses experiencing substantial economic distress as a result of [...]