Month: December 2019

Explore how the latest updates in the Secure Act affect your retirement plan

Secure Act
There have been updates in the Secure Act in December 2019 which have made several significant changes to the U.S. retirement system. The latest update [...]

Tax checklist before 2019 ends

Tax checklist before 2019 ends
The end of 2019 is just a few days away and the tax deadline closing-in as much faster. Taxpayers still have a few days left to run some tax errands and [...]

Two reasons why you might receive less tax refund

Reasons for less tax refunds
If you are not filing taxes for the first time, then you know how exactly does income tax refunds work. Usually, taxpayers have a clear idea about the [...]

Smart Tax Planning Moves to Make before 2019 ends

tax planning
April 15, 2020, is not so far, and we are here with some interesting tax-saving tips that will help you control your rapidly increasing taxes. The U.S. [...]

All about the tax responsibilities of household employers

Household employers
Are you and your spouse both working professionals and have dependents back home? By dependents, we mean your old age parents or children who need some [...]

Make the most of your investments in the Qualified Opportunity Zone

  You better buck up if you have plans to invest in the Qualified Opportunity Tax Zone. As per the latest news, the Qualified Opportunity Zone [...]

All about tax implications on O1 Visas

If you are not a U.S. citizen, then you must already be aware of the value of a green card. Holding U.S. citizenship is a great deal for many and has its [...]