Month: September 2019

10 Tips to Reduce Your Tax Liabilities this Financial Year

How can you reduce your tax obligations? This is a question on every taxpayer’s mind, but few are able to execute this to their benefit, owing to a lack of [...]

All you need to know about section 199A of the Tax Reforms Code

  If you are the owner of a sole proprietorship, partnership, or S corporation, then you need to know all about the tax deductions that compliment qualified [...]

Captive Tax Shelter — How to Exit?

Are you one of those U.S. citizens who have badly entangled themselves in the small captive insurance programs? If yes, then it’s time to exit this [...]

2 tax credits that will help you through college

Now you can avail tax credits on money paid for your own or your dependent’s post-high school education, thus getting a significant tax break. The purpose [...]

Investing in Cryptocurrency – A Smart Wealth Management Strategy

Cryptocurrency Investment
Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? Then you are on the right track. Investment in cryptocurrency is generally perceived as a high-risk [...]

Having tax debts? Your Passport could get impounded

Did you hear that the IRS is impounding the passport of tax defaulters? Yes, if you have uncleared tax dues, then you need to take corrective measures to [...]

Great News! The IRS is waiving the 2018 estimated tax penalty

We have welcome news for all 2018 taxpayers who did not avail waiver for their income tax penalties in the last tax cycle. The IRS has announced that it will [...]

Business-From-Home? Make use of these tax credits

There is great news for entrepreneurs who run their business from the comfort of their couches.! They can now deduct a certain part of their expenses from [...]

Why You Need a Minimum Life Insurance Which is Permanent

The first sound of life insurance sounds like a bad thing to many. When we Google it, we hear a tremendous number of stories on how insurance is a con game [...]