Month: July 2019

How The New tax laws Impact Alimony Payments

Are you aware of the latest tax law changes related to alimony and separation payments? The IRS updates in its laws and regulations from time to time, and [...]

How To Recognize That You Are Being Duped

Tax scams in the U.S. are quite infamous for their peculiarity. Scamsters are forever on the lookout for chances to find loopholes and dupe people of their [...]

Make The Most of Tax Breaks While The Sun Shines This Summer

Summer is a season when most of us plan on doing something fruitful with our time, be it pursuing a summer internship, multiple jobs, buying a new home or [...]

Scam Alert – Beware of the SSN Scheme and Fake Tax Agencies

  Have you ever received a call or an email by an agency called the Bureau of Tax Enforcement? Or have you been approached by a government agent talking [...]

Filing A FAFSA Form? Tips to Get The Tax Transcript

  Are you filling out a financial aid application? Did you know that you would require tax information to complete the Free Application for Federal [...]

NRIs To Pay Tax On Gifts Received From India

  As per the latest Indian budget, all the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living in the U.S. will be required to pay taxes on gifts received by them [...]

Educators can now claim an additional tax deduction on certain unreimbursed expenses.

Filing tax returns on time is omnipresent on the bucket list of almost all U.S. Citizens — resident or not. Reason being, no one wants to get in the eyes [...]

Facing Tax Issues Despite Filing Your 2018 Taxes – Here Are Some Remedies

Most of you must have filed your 2018 taxes by the April deadline. Hence, it must be frustrating for you if, despite your diligence of filing all your taxes [...]

Do you need to renew your ITIN?

Do you come in those who haven’t used their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for filing federal tax returns since the last three [...]