Month: June 2019

Haven’t filed your tax returns yet? Save yourself from piling up tax penalties

  The clock is ticking for those who haven’t filed their 2018 tax returns yet. The federal tax filing deadline has long passed, and there are many who [...]

Filed your 2018 taxes on time but yet to pay the tax bill? There are plenty of options

Did you file for your tax returns on time and still received a mail from the IRS to pay the due amounts? Yes, the news is spreading like wildfire and the [...]

US citizens in France could be eligible for a host of tax refunds

US citizens living in France are in for a tax break. The 7-year long battle against paying Generalized Social Contribution Tax (CSG) to the US government is [...]

Are You a Philanthropist? The Tax Regulations on Your Contributions Have Been Amended

Are you a philanthropist who indulges in giving charitable contributions to the state? Or are you planning to start doing so? Well, contributions for the [...]

IRS clamps down on tax fraud – Ends Faxing and Third-party Mailings of Tax Transcripts

Did it ever occur to you that your tax transcripts could be imitated and used to file fraudulent returns in your name? Instances of imposters impersonating [...]

How to secure your financial and tax records in case of disasters?

Have you ever thought about the odds of a disaster dismantling all your financial and tax records including your insurance and fiduciary bonds? Imagine all [...]

Involved in sharing economy? Learn all about the tax implications

  Sharing economy has become a veritable source for individuals to generate useful additional income nowadays. Many students, working professionals, [...]