Month: May 2019

Why are companies like Microsoft joining the Carbon Tax bandwagon

  Are you a business owner? And while you scan the newspaper every morning to find out what’s trending in the business world, did an article [...]

What US Expats need to know about the Foreign Tax Credit

Are you a U.S. Expat? And about to pay tax on the income earned by you in a foreign country? Or, are you a U.S. resident who has a source of bountiful income [...]

Selling Your Real Estate? Your Gains Might Not be Taxable

Are you planning to sell your humble abode but are confused and short of time to understand the tax regulations? What if we told you that you might not [...]

Doing multiple jobs? You might just need a Pay Checkup

People often take up multiple jobs over the summer to clear off a particular debt or other pending bills. While it’s great to earn income from multiple [...]

US Expats: Things to keep in mind while filing your Taxes

Filing taxes on time and being in the good books of the IRS is a big thing. With, so many rules and regulations to keep in mind, it is only human that we [...]

Doing a summer job? Keep these tax tips in mind

  With the summer vacations kicking in, we bet most of you are ready to start your summer jobs. Pursuing a summer job speaks volumes about your [...]

Investing in Indian PFIC? Ensure You Report Them

The IRS mandates that the citizens and residents of the United States need to pay taxes on all their global income. Thus, if you are a US permanent resident [...]

Where is my Tax Refund?

It’s almost been a month and are you still waiting for your tax refund? You have every right to fret, especially if you have earmarked your returns to [...]