Month: December 2018

Holiday Spirits: Save Longer on Estates from this Tax Season!

What has changed? What hasn't? Great news for the rich! The Estate and Gift Tax limits have been hiked further for 2019. As against the 2018 limit of $11.18 [...]

How Are C Corps Taxed? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

When it comes to taxation C corps, the first thing that you need to know is that they are subject to double taxation - while the profits earned by C corps are [...]

The IRS bewares the offshore account holders!

Hear, Hear, Offshore Account Holders! The IRS Is Coming For You! If you hold an offshore account, you must be aware of the strict watch that the IRS keeps [...]

IRS Changes Backup Withholding Tax Rate to 24%

Good News For Small Businesses! The IRS Has Announced A Reduction In The Backup Withholding Rate To 24%! Yes, you heard that right! In keeping with the [...]

How to know if your charitable contributions are going to the right place?

Do You Know Where Is Your Donation Going? Here’s What You Can Do About It! Donating to charities for a good cause feels great, right? But are you sure [...]

Call from IRS: How often do they call?

Have You Been Receiving A Lot Of Calls From The IRS Lately? Chances Are That You Are Being Scammed! While it’s a usual occurrence for the IRS to call [...]

Insurance and Your Taxes — What Business Owners Need to Know

Business Owners, Did You Know That Insurance Premiums Are Tax Deductible? If you didn’t know it already, let’s break the good news - insurance [...]

Avoid Charitable Scams After Natural Disasters

If Donating To Disaster Relief Funds And Charities Is Your Thing, You Better Be Aware Of Charitable Scams After Disasters! For an empathetic human being, [...]