Month: October 2018

Are You A Homeowner? Make Sure You Claim These 5 Money-Saving Tax Deductions!

  Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities, both personally and financially. You have to take care of numerous little things such as [...]

The Complete Guide To Business Expense Deductions For Small Business Owners And The Self-Employed!

While it is true that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has eliminated many deductions, the new situation seems to work out quite well in favor of small business [...]

IRS Declared To Offer Tax Relief To The Victims Of Hurricane Florence!

Good News For North Carolina Residents - IRS Declared To Offer Tax Relief To The Victims Of Hurricane Florence!   While the residents of North [...]

How to balance budget during college?

As soon you as you have kids, amidst all the joy, there’s one thought that creeps in quick - college fund! While most parents would agree on this, all they [...]

The A-Z Of Home Mortgage Interest Deduction Explained!

If you own a home and you have a home mortgage loan looming over your head, you might just be in luck! Because although the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has [...]

Are Your Gifts Taxable? Unfortunately, Yes!

  If you have ever offered or received a gift, you are bound by certain tax norms. Yes, the IRS imposes a tax on gifts. The Gift Tax was introduced [...]

Know About The Tax Deductible Business-Related Travel Expenses!

Self-employed individuals or business owners often require to travel for work-related issues. And when you are required to travel frequently for the [...]

Stock Market Guide for First Time Investors

Are you a first-time investor? These tips will show you how to approach the stock market!   Although the stock market may seem like a good place [...]

IRS Issues New ‘Guidance’ To Clarify About Deductions Of Expenses For Business Meals

  While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has tightened its grasp on business expense deductions, on October 3, 2018, IRS released a guidance [...]