Month: August 2018

Here’s How Veterans Can Claim Their Tax Refunds!

  The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016 has brought good news for veterans as they can now claim tax refund on the money that they paid [...]

Did You Know That The New Tax Reform Allows You To Write Off Business-Related Equipment Deductions?

  While the Trump Tax Reform eliminates a lot of deductions (yes, you can no longer claim them), but don’t be disheartened yet. It’s not [...]

IRS’s New Provisions To Crack Down This Small Business Trick!

By now you must have heard about the 20% deductions for businesses, right? However, you must hold your horses - you cannot get too excited about it yet [...]

Looking To Save Some Money? Here’s A List Of Money-Saving Tax Deductions!

  Source While it’s true that the Trump Tax Reform has eliminated many deductions, there are, however, many tax deductions that can help save [...]

Volunteers, Did You Know That You Too Are Eligible For Tax Deductions?

Volunteering is a great job. It makes you feel great that your efforts could spread a little ‘good’ in the world around you. While helping others is [...]