Month: April 2018

Tax Awareness 101: How to Avoid Getting Scammed this Tax Season

Tax season has almost reached its end and this crucial time is when identity thieves can be found lurking everywhere. As per the IRS, “Thousands of [...]

Tax-Filing Tips & Tricks that Visa Holders Must Know

Are you in the US on a visa? If yes, you might have to join the bands of US tax filers, even though you’re not an American citizen. However, this only [...]

5 Ways in which Trump’s Tax Reform Affects You

December 22, 2017, marked the day when the tax bill was signed into law by President Trump. Several of the tax changes went into effect in January 2018. [...]

Tax Planning and Filing for Uber/Lyft Drivers

The gig economy is gaining traction, and many people are working for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. If you’re one of them, allow us to guide you [...]

Food for Thought: How US CEOs Should Use the Money from Corporate Tax Cuts?

The tax reform has significantly reduced the statutory corporate rate from 35% to 21%.   It’ll be interesting to see what U.S. based companies do with the [...]