Month: January 2016

Six Tips about Individual Shared Responsibility Payments

For any month during the year that you or any of your family members don’t have minimum essential coverage and don’t qualify for a coverage exemption, you [...]

No Receipts For IRS? Key Tax Case Says They’re Optional

Receipts are critical to good book-keeping and tax returns. But if you can’t find one, contrary to popular belief, you are not out of luck thanks to a [...]

Scam Phone Calls Continue; IRS Identifies Five Easy Ways to Spot Suspicious Calls

The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert today providing taxpayers with additional tips to protect themselves from telephone scam artists calling [...]

Millennial Marriage Tax Penalty: The Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction Has A Gotcha For The Hitched

If there’s one thing that causes panic amid the ranks of Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers, it’s the idea that their Millennial children will never reproduce or [...]

IRS Provides Tax Relief to Missouri Storm Victims; Tax Deadline Extended to May 16

Missouri storm victims will have until May 16, 2016 to file their returns and pay any taxes due, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. All workers [...]

Six Tips on Whether to File a 2015 Tax Return

Most people file a tax return because they have to, but even if you don’t, there are times when you should. You may be eligible for a tax refund and not know [...]

No more PAN woes for foreign cos?

To facilitate ease of doing business with India, the I-T Simplification Committee has stated that if a non-resident does not furnish PAN details, it should not [...]

Are you eligible for schemes under ambitious Startup Action Plan?

Many entrepreneurs were excited by the announcements made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of the Startup India Action Plan. There’s no doubt the [...]

IRS Ready to Start 2016 Tax Season; Encourages use of and e-File; Works with States, Industry on Identity Theft Refund Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service announced that the nation’s 2016 individual income tax filing season opens Jan. 19, with more than 150 million tax returns [...]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi starts up new business era with tax breaks and mega fund

The government on Saturday unveiled a raft of measures - ranging from tax waiver for three years, ending inspector raj and a mega fund — to help boost the [...]