Month: February 2015

800,000 Taxpayers Received Wrong Tax Info from Health Insurance Marketplace

Approximately 800,000 taxpayers who received health care coverage through the federal insurance marketplace were sent the wrong information on [...]

Ten Facts That You Should Know about Capital Gains and Losses

When you sell a capital asset the sale results in a capital gain or loss. A capital asset includes most property you own for personal use or own as an [...]

Stay Vigilant Against Bogus IRS Phone Calls and Emails

Tax scams take many different forms. Recently, the most common scams are phone calls and emails from thieves who pretend to be from the IRS. They use the IRS [...]

Obama dropping plan to tax college savings

President Barack Obama has dropped a controversial proposal to tax "529" college savings plans, a White House official said on Tuesday, calling it a [...]

Taxpayers get penalty relief for incorrect premium tax credit advance payments

The IRS announced Monday that it will provide automatic penalty relief for taxpayers who, when they reconciled advance payments of the premium tax credit they [...]

IRS Announces 2015 Estate And Gift Tax Limits

The Internal Revenue Service announced the 2015 estate and gift tax limits, and the federal estate tax exemption rises to $5.43 million per person, and the [...]

IRS Warns of High Volume on Toll-Free Customer Service Phones; Urges Taxpayers to use Tools for Faster Answers

IRS YouTube Videos: When Will I Get My Refund: English / Spanish /ASL Help for Taxpayers: English / ASL Welcome to Free File: English The IRS reminded [...]

Real Estate Investment Groups Can Maximize Value through Sophisticated Tax Planning

Real estate partnerships pool funds from various investor groups, family offices and public entities to invest in property platforms seeking high cap rates [...]

IRS Can Help if W-2s Are Missing

In most cases you get your W-2 forms by the end of January. Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, shows your income and the taxes withheld from your pay for the [...]

Tax Help for Home Help

If you’re like most tax professionals, you probably have a few clients with household employment situations. As you know, household employment is quite [...]