Month: November 2013

IRS Plans to Step up Audits of Small Business Partnerships

The head of the Internal Revenue Service’s small business unit said his division expects to move from focusing on audits of small corporations to [...]

Dog Earns MBA – But Can He Deduct It On His Taxes?

Can a dog with an MBA deduct his tuition? Most people can’t deduct the cost of getting an MBA on their taxes. The IRS says it’s because it qualifies you [...]

St. Mary’s nurse challenges findings of IRS audit, and wins

It is hardly unusual for Americans to disagree with the Internal Revenue Service. What sets Lori Singleton-Clarke apart is that she challenged the formidable [...]

Moving States To Beat The Tax Man?

Before you sell your company, settle a lawsuit, or experience a big cash event, you might be planning how much you’ll collect. A sale or a move may also be [...]

Leaving California And Its Taxes? Be Careful

It is easy to love California, but its high taxes? Not so much. And it just got worse as California Voters Sock It To The Rich. Some will head for the exits [...]

The Definitive Questions And Answers On The New Net Investment Income Tax

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or as it’s affectionately or derisively known, depending [...]

How To Maximize Your 2013 Deductions

If you want to cut your tax bill next April 15th, start thinking about deductions now. Like it or not, get ready to crunch some numbers. It’s the only [...]

10 Tax Commandments….To Keep IRS Away

10 Tax Commandments? I won’t suggest taxation and religion are similar, at least not to most people. But certain tax rules are nearly inviolate, and ignoring [...]

Shhh, Home Office And Other IRS Audit Trigger Secrets

People have worried for decades that home office deductions flag their returns for audit. Yet more than half of working Americans work for a small business or [...]

Govt. Notifies Cyprus For Fraud / Tax Evasion Non-Compliance

Cyprus Notified as a notified Jurisdictional Area Under Section 94a of the Income-Tax Act,1961 ; All Parties to the Transaction with a Person in Cyprus shall [...]