Month: September 2012

Ten Things To Know About COD Income

The bank forgives your debt. You think you're home free. Then comes the 1099-C and the IRS with its hand out. In the tax world, COD is short for "cancellation [...]

Six Tax-Wise Ways To Reduce Your Legal Bills

No one likes paying legal fees, but tax rules can reduce your legal bills.  Here’s how. You Can’t Deduct Personal Legal Fees. The least desirable [...]

Should I Take Social Security Sooner and Invest?

Dear Dr. Don, I plan to work until I'm 70 years old. I'm 64 now and healthy (so far), so I would like to receive the higher Social Security benefits of [...]

Eliminating Second Home Mortgage Deduction Could Raise $80 Billion

Repealing the mortgage interest deduction on second homes and home equity loans could raise as much as $80 billion over 10 years, according to a newly released [...]

The Only Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Accounting and Finance

Observing finance and accounting professionals – or the way academics at most business schools train them – might lead you to believe that finance and [...]

2 recent IRS developments that will impact Indian Americans

In the last few years, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been focusing heavily on tracking offshore accounts of its residents and citizens. Today, [...]

Daily Tax Report

Bloomberg BNA’s flagship daily news service — Daily Tax Report® with Daily Tax RealTime® and TaxCore® Learn why leading practitioners and [...]

How to Purchase Commercial Real Estate

If you're thinking about purchasing office space, this guide will help you evaluate the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying, assemble a real estate search [...]

Roth IRA Conversion 2012: Are You a Good Candidate?

A tax tsunami is coming at the end of this year. And this is the absolutely last chance for a massive Roth conversion. Two years ago the Bush tax cuts [...]

Three (Incredibly Simple) Rules To Keep The IRS Away

We all have to pay taxes and no one wants any trouble. Follow these three simple rules and you’ll reduce your chances of grief from the IRS: 1. Keep Good [...]