Month: March 2012

5 Ways to Guard Against Tax Fraud

It's tax season, so you're probably thinking about how big your refund will be, or how much you'll owe the IRS. You should also be thinking about protecting [...]

The Six States Where Taxes Are Soaring

As the economy struggles to recover, state and federal budget deficits continue to be the subject of increased attention. Just last week, the congressional [...]

IRS Audit Rate Nears 30% for Those Making $10 Million and Up

The Internal Revenue Service in 2011 audited 29.93 percent of taxpayers who reported more than $10 million of income, according to statistics released [...]

Farm Income and Deductions: 10 Key Points

You are in the business of farming if you cultivate, operate or manage a farm for profit, either as an owner or a tenant. A farm includes livestock, dairy, [...]

Selling Goods Online May Soon Cost You With The IRS

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - You may sell goods online as a hobby, but the government may now consider you a business –and it will cost you. If you’re [...]

IRS forms “SWAT team” for tax dodge crackdown

(Reuters) - The Internal Revenue Service is staffing up with high-powered talent to crack down on companies shifting profits from country to country to [...]

Proposed regs. would require taxpayers that received EINs to update information

On Wednesday, the IRS issued proposed regulations that would require taxpayers that obtain employer identification numbers (EINs) to update their information [...]

Texas Comptroller Offers a Texas-Size Welcome to Non-Compliant Taxpayers Through a Limited-Time Amnesty Program

Announcement The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts just announced a limited-time amnesty program for Texas taxpayers with past-due reports and delinquent [...]

In A Signal Of Growth, Companies Build Stockpiles

U.S. companies restocked at a faster pace in January, a sign that businesses expect stronger job growth to fuel more sales. The Commerce Department said [...]

New Rules Target Offshore Funds

Owning a portfolio of offshore holdings is about to get much riskier, thanks to new U.S. tax-reporting rules, financial advisers say. As a result, some [...]