Month: January 2012

National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers Annual Report to Congress; Focuses on IRS Funding and Taxpayer Rights

WASHINGTON — National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today released her annual report to Congress, identifying the combination of the IRS’s expanding [...]

Reporting Capital Gains and Losses on Schedule D and Form 8949

The IRS has unveiled a new tax form for reporting capital gains and losses from stocks, bonds, mutual funds and similar investments. Starting with the 2011 tax [...]

IRS Offshore Programs Produce $4.4 Billion to Date for Nation’s Taxpayers; Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program Reopens

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reopened the offshore voluntary disclosure program to help people hiding offshore accounts get current with [...]

When Should You File for Social Security?

Although Social Security has been around for more than seven decades, most Americans admit they really don’t have a basic understanding about the rules [...]