Month: November 2011

IRS Seeks to Return $153 Million in Undelivered Checks to Taxpayers; Recommends e-file, Direct Deposit to Avoid Future Delivery Problems

WASHINGTON — In an annual reminder to taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service announced today that it is looking to return $153.3 million in undelivered tax [...]

Limited Liability Company Tax Return

In GVA we provide various kinds of services relating to LLC right from the formation of an LLC to filing the return and our main focus will be on tax [...]

Itemized Tax Form 2106

Should you itemize your deductions or to use the standard deduction? Mytaxfiler can help you decide. Sometimes the standard deduction will get you the best [...]

ITIN Eligibility

ITINs are issued by the IRS to certain nonresident aliens who require an identification number for tax treaty, tax return or other reasons. Do not submit a [...]

US Expats or Expatriates

Relief! No more 'how to file US taxes from India' anxiety ...In this stage of Your Financial Life, Mytaxfiler can help you... US India tax laws are [...]

S Corp tax planning

S Corporation An "S-Corporation" is a regular corporation that has between 1 and 100 shareholders and that passes-through net income or losses to [...]

"Record Keeping" from IRS

Good Recordkeeping – Keeping Good Records Reduces Stress at Tax Time This is Kim Lawson. I’m talking with Monica Baker about good recordkeeping [...]