Month: July 2011

In-service 401(k) Withdrawals: Right Strategy For Boomers?

Can you withdrawal money from your 401(k) while you are still employed? Not everyone should, not everyone can, however, if you can, it may mean that you can [...]

3 Stealth Tax Traps

Congressional gridlock over whether to cut or raise income taxes is obscuring a different threat to six-figure earners: a host of stealth taxes implemented in [...]

HSBC alerts U.S. clients to offshore tax evasion probe

A major bank at the center of an expanded federal crackdown on wealthy Americans suspected of offshore tax evasion has told Indian-American clients to "be [...]

Summer Day Camp Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit

Along with the lazy, hazy days of summer come some extra expenses, including summer day camp. But, the IRS has some good news for parents: those added expenses [...]