Month: April 2011

Tips for Managing Your Tax Records

After you file your taxes, you will have many records that may help document items on your tax return. You will need these documents should the IRS select your [...]

Tax cheats: Single, young and male

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The typical American tax cheat is male, single and under the age of 45. At least that's what an annual survey by DDB Worldwide [...]

Tax-Time Errors Filers Should Avoid

Mistakes on tax returns mean they take longer to process, which in turn, may cause your refund to arrive later. The IRS cautions against these nine common [...]

Tax Season 2011: Latest Filing Stats

Source: CPATrendlines Contact OR Call 972-961-4813, India +91-80-65680541, if you are looking for professional advisory [...]

Tax refunds average $3,000, add $300B to economy

WASHINGTON – Here's a potential boost for the economy: The Internal Revenue Service expects to issue up to $300 billion in tax refunds this year. IRS [...]