Month: December 2010

15 Tax Deductions and Credits To Remember For 2010 Year End Tax Planning

As the year draws to a close it’s always a good idea to review your tax situation and in light of that, we have put together a collection of fifteen tax [...]

Taxpayers who itemize have to wait until February to File

Taxpayers who itemize on their federal tax returns will have to wait until at least mid-February to file, the IRS said Thursday. The delay is [...]

Tax Tips if an Individual Looking for a Job – Deducting Moving, Education and Job Search Expenses

With almost 10% of the United States workforce currently unemployed, the idea of owing money at tax time is downright scary. If you are actively looking for a [...]

U.S House backs Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday approved giving extra time to thousands of homebuyers trying to get a popular federal tax credit by the end of [...]

City budget crises force rethink of revenue sources; tax-exempt organizations are likely targets

While budgetary shortfalls amplified by the lingering recession and sharp decline in property tax collections drag on, tax-exempt organizations and state [...]

Tax Season Starts on Time for Most Taxpayers; Those Affected by Late Tax Breaks Can File in Mid- to Late February

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced the upcoming tax season will start on time for most people, but taxpayers affected by three recently [...]

The Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions

Every year, the IRS dutifully reports the most common blunders that taxpayers make on their returns. And every year, at or near the top of the “oops” [...]

Payroll Tax Cut to Boost Take-Home Pay for Most Workers; New Withholding Details Now Available on

The Internal Revenue Service today released instructions to help employers implement the 2011 cut in payroll taxes, along with new income-tax withholding [...]

13.4M People May Owe More Taxes Because of Making Work Pay Credit

Approximately 13.4 million taxpayers who received the Making Work Pay Credit that was included in the economic stimulus bill may end up owing taxes, [...]

Next year’s economy: Good enough may be as good as it gets

WASHINGTON — 2011 should be a happy new year for the U.S. economy, according to forecasts from mainstream economists, although their predictions over the [...]