Month: October 2010

Financial Tips for October 2010

Asset Allocation Adjustments Review the asset allocation of your portfolio. Increases and decreases in the value of your portfolio can upset the asset [...]

How to Get Copies of Your Tax Information

When it comes time to apply for a loan, you often need to supply your federal tax information. Here's how to get copies of both your tax return transcripts and [...]

Advantages of Keeping Good Records

You can avoid headaches at tax time by keeping track of your receipts and other records throughout the year. Good record-keeping will help you remember the [...]

A SIMPLE Retirement Plan for the Self-Employed

Of all the retirement plans available to small business owners, the SIMPLE plan is the easiest to set up and the least expensive to manage. These plans are [...]

Should You Invest in Life Insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to provide a source of income, in case of your death, for your children, dependents, or other beneficiaries. (Life insurance [...]

Employee Relocation in a Suffering Market

Many companies are asking what to do about an employee's home when he or she is moved to a new job location. With the real estate market in a downturn [...]

10 Things You Should Know About Identity Theft

Criminals use many methods to steal personal information from taxpayers. They can use your information to steal your identity and file a tax return in order to [...]

8 Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe Money to the IRS

The vast majority of Americans get a tax refund from the IRS each spring. But what if you're not one of them? What if you owe money to the IRS? Here are eight [...]

What Income Is Nontaxable?

Generally, you are taxed on income that is available to you regardless of whether it is actually in your possession. But there are some situations when certain [...]

Moving Soon? Let the IRS Know

If you changed your home or business address, notify the IRS to ensure that you receive any refunds or correspondence. Although the IRS uses the postal [...]