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I wanted to thank you and your staff (Siddesh) for the great service provided. Despite being out of the country and almost missing my IRS deadline, you guys did a terrific job and were able to turn around my return.


Sat N 

Cost Segregation Study

Cost Segregation is the IRS-approved method to depreciate a building faster to get the tax deductions now rather than in future. This is not a tax manipulation or playing with the norms. It is well appreciated by IRS.

 Many businesses pay a hefty amount in taxes each year and Cost Segregation is one of the strong methods that generally business owners are unaware of to reduce the tax liability drastically.

Cost segregation involves using a method of fixed assets depreciation to determine your taxes. The entire process of cost segregation services can be very complicated and it requires gaining of deep knowledge about the entire process before any decision can be arrived at.

Virtually any company can use fixed assets depreciation to help lessen the burden of yearly taxes. There is no standard process and professional consultation is highly required to make important financial adjustments.

In case of ownership in multiple fixed assets then there can be a fixed assets depreciation to benefit all of the businesses.  This may free up entangled money for wise investment.

Since it is high skilled method therefore company CPA’s may not be best advisory and therefore it is viable to look out for specialist in this field.

Benefits by performing this study –

  • It is one of the most precise methods to depreciate improved real estate that is acquired or built after 1986.
  • It helps to identify property which can be considered as BUILDING otherwise characterized as something other than a building.
  • Huge reduction federal income taxes, increase cash flow and operating capital.
  • This concept is holding good nowadays as IRS made it easier to change the method of depreciation.
  • IRS permits “catch up” on all deductions from previous years. This enables to reclassify items from previous years into shorter tax lives.

to be done by a specialist therefore the norms are well taken care of and the best result becomes obvious.

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