The state-by-state figures for Economic Impact Payments: Everything you need to know

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The Internal Revenue Service with the Treasury Department released state-by-state figures for Economic Impact Payments. Approximately 88 million individuals received payments worth nearly $158 billion in the program’s first three weeks!

By April 17, the IRS issued approximately 88.1 million payments to taxpayers. The IRS will continue to deliver more payments in the upcoming months. 

“The IRS, Treasury, and partner agencies are working non-stop to get these payments out in record time to Americans who need them. Tens of millions of people across the country are receiving these payments, and millions more are on the way. We encourage people to visit for the latest information, FAQs, and updates on the payments,” said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

More than 150 million payments will be shared, and millions of people who do not file a tax return are eligible to receive these stimulus payments. 

These payments are automatic for people,

  • Who filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019
  • Receive Social Security retirement
  • Survivor or disability benefits (SSDI)
  • Railroad Retirement 
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 
  • Veterans Affairs beneficiaries who didn’t file a tax return in the last two years.

StateNumber of EIP PaymentsTotal Amount of EIP Payments
Alabama1,306,879$ 2,432,903,249
Alaska209,626$ 384,976,728
Arkansas778,710$ 1,484,876,413
Arizona1,868,529$ 3,408,327,214
California9,127,137$ 15,894,426,934
Colorado1,532,632$ 2,697,948,990
Connecticut961,464$ 1,631,719,992
District of Columbia179,738$ 255,501,803
Delaware275,688$ 484,493,248
Florida6,348,503$ 11,067,476,416
Georgia2,785,534$ 5,041,819,449
Hawaii378,200$ 677,850,427
Iowa901,609$ 1,709,391,510
Idaho470,200$ 939,632,351
Illinois3,561,467$ 6,288,620,441
Indiana2,047,079$ 3,801,302,228
Kansas806,471$ 1,527,129,168
Kentucky1,247,465$ 2,352,784,094
Louisiana1,265,581$ 2,297,891,337
Massachusetts1,774,172$ 2,951,357,726
Maryland1,561,936$ 2,662,114,660
Maine400,919$ 722,201,531
Michigan2,945,568$ 5,338,452,373
Minnesota1,568,913$ 2,857,063,159
Missouri1,737,013$ 3,220,707,956
Mississippi804,317$ 1,481,695,852
Montana295,589$ 547,319,262
North Carolina2,774,379$ 5,057,006,091
North Dakota215,321$ 399,771,434
Nebraska562,422$ 1,070,565,880
New Hampshire407,786$ 714,166,522
New Jersey2,245,299$ 3,861,741,262
New Mexico596,433$ 1,072,887,126
Nevada892,115$ 1,561,690,988
New York5,481,796$ 9,283,821,196
Ohio3,504,529$ 6,258,547,152
Oklahoma1,074,373$ 2,056,089,347
Oregon1,098,231$ 1,945,572,937
Pennsylvania3,725,334$ 6,628,241,748
Rhode Island319,156$ 541,849,017
South Carolina1,361,971$ 2,489,898,415
South Dakota255,301$ 487,326,070
Tennessee1,997,548$ 3,683,938,147
Texas7,812,382$ 14,398,065,881
Utah818,700$ 1,676,956,785
Vermont188,076$ 332,111,224
Virginia2,312,429$ 4,146,024,506
Washington2,058,899$ 3,680,595,622
Wisconsin1,690,733$ 3,093,584,754
West Virginia522,573$ 984,826,539
Wyoming166,195$ 316,335,903
Territories and Overseas*267,573$ 501,071,680.00
Total88,183,614.00$ 157,969,767,489 offers a variety of tools and resources to help individuals and businesses navigate Economic Impact Payments and get the information they require about EIP and other CARES Act provisions.

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