A look at the latest state-by-state Economic Impact Payment figures

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The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Services recently released the updated state-by-state figures of the Economic Impact Payments made in the opening weeks of the program. 

As per the government, the Economic Impact Payments are continually and rapidly going out to all the eligible Americans. We insist you stay updated, and further, answers the questions you might have around these payments. 

Million of US citizens who don’t have to file a return are eligible to receive this payment. The payment is automatic for the following category of individuals:

  1. Who filed their 2018 or 2019 returns 
  2. Who receive Social Security Retirement
  3. Who receive survivor or disability benefits (SSDI)
  4. Who receive Railroad Retirement benefits
  5. Who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  6. Who are Veterans Affairs Beneficiaries who didn’t file a tax return in the last two years

Those of you who didn’t receive any federal benefits or who did not have a filing obligation in 2018 or 2019, should visit the IRS website using the non-filers tool to register for the Economic Impact Payment to gather all the much-needed support you can during this lockdown. 

Here is the state-wise Economic Impact Payment Totals:

StateTotal Number of EIP PaymentsTotal Amount of EIP Payments
Alabama2,332,771$ 3,988,469,624
Alaska333,429$ 580,774,111
Arizona3,242,043$ 5,573,167,261
Arkansas1,428,624$ 2,496,524,966
California16,869,636$ 27,897,283,972
Colorado2,605,089$ 4,407,408,401
Connecticut1,601,397$ 2,609,644,445
Delaware463,653$ 778,262,906
District of Columbia308,306$ 421,734,460
Florida10,618,792$ 17,546,164,251
Georgia4,763,109$ 8,081,253,826
Hawaii691,424$ 1,179,264,436
Iowa1,477,214$ 2,660,402,672
Idaho808,118$ 1,512,453,150
Illinois5,729,351$ 9,630,495,809
Indiana3,174,698$ 5,613,824,661
Kansas1,310,151$ 2,359,448,490
Kentucky2,199,370$ 3,824,826,391
Louisiana2,186,332$ 3,680,836,165
Maine714,941$ 1,215,239,330
Maryland2,692,062$ 4,380,831,484
Massachusetts3,136,787$ 5,028,963,151
Michigan4,813,156$ 8,286,614,929
Minnesota2,613,771$ 4,577,086,990
Mississippi1,427,440$ 2,422,655,854
Missouri2,933,973$ 5,118,911,639
Montana527,902$ 932,003,084
Nebraska887,877$ 1,611,581,538
Nevada1,496,510$ 2,484,078,422
New Hampshire676,004$ 1,139,776,925
New Jersey3,955,396$ 6,507,621,505
New Mexico997,072$ 1,684,917,178
New York9,341,632$ 15,034,060,259
North Carolina4,820,974$ 8,264,415,092
North Dakota354,768$ 632,983,746
Ohio5,828,477$ 9,833,041,489
Oklahoma1,799,803$ 3,190,860,867
Oregon2,031,861$ 3,425,278,483
Pennsylvania6,258,107$ 10,596,406,088
Rhode Island536,218$ 869,615,684
South Carolina2,443,864$ 4,174,979,940
South Dakota416,962$ 759,483,658
Tennessee3,305,606$ 5,693,071,645
Texas12,396,590$ 21,635,810,592
Utah1,287,162$ 2,494,199,291
Vermont327,867$ 555,841,287
Virginia3,796,975$ 6,447,589,217
Washington3,453,810$ 5,876,091,642
West Virginia913,264$ 1,578,210,674
Wisconsin2,817,912$ 4,948,382,340
Wyoming270,626$ 488,905,666
Foreign Addresses748,724$ 1,222,795,510

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