Demystifying Life Insurance – one myth at a time

best-tax-filing-services-in-plano Life Insurance policies are often surrounded by a canopy of myths and confusion. This is mostly due to a lack of awareness which leads to a lot of hesitant and anxious investors. Thankfully, most of these myths are just that - myths that we’re happy to bust for you so that you make informed, correct decisions. First, let’s understand that there are [...]

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How to Avoid an IRS Audit?

Taxes are high enough; you don’t want to also pay penalties and interest because an audit reveals you’ve broken the rules. And Internal Revenue Service audits aren’t a [...]

Unreimbursed Job Related Expenses (JRE) – Deductibility on tax return

A Tax payer can avail job related expenses as an itemized deduction in the tax return. All the expenses incurred should be towards business and must not be reimbursed by the [...]

BBB Warning- Grant Companies Exploit Confusion over Stimulus Bill to Rip Off Consumers

Grant Companies Exploit Confusion over Stimulus Bill to Rip Off Consumers, Warns BBB Better Business Bureau is warning the public to be extremely wary of companies that [...]

U.S. Corporations Are Major Contributors to U.S. Tax Revenues

U.S. Corporations Are Major Contributors to U.S. Tax Revenues Business Wire via NewsEdge : Business Editors WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--February 25, 2009--A survey [...]

Forecasters: Economy worse in '09, better in '10

Forecasters: Economy worse in '09, better in '10 WASHINGTON_Brace yourself: The recession is projected to worsen this year. The country stands to lose a sizable chunk of [...]

W-4 Submissions, Employer responsibilities for Invalid or Incorrect ones?

When adding new employees to your company, one of the many initial duties required are the submissions of W-4 forms for income tax withholding. In addition, current employees [...]

Deadline for 1099s changed to February 17

Many investors will receive their year-end tax statements later than in past years, but these forms are likely to be more accurate, according to the Internal Revenue Service. [...]

Consequences of Filing an Incorrect Tax Return…

You must be familiar with the adage that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” In the area of “tax fraud,” however, this cliché may not apply.  The law does not [...]

Launch of mytaxfiler®

January 23rd 2009 - GVA management is pleased to roll out its US taxation service portal, Developed by GVA's technology partner Jupiter Business Systems [...]

Child Tax Credit on your US Tax return?

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is an important tax credit tax payers may claim on their federal tax returns. Claiming the CTC will lower the amount of taxes that families owe to [...]