Launch of Indian Tax services

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May 10th 2009 – GVA is pleased to launch Indian Tax Preparation & Filing services. Services include computation of tax liability under all 5 sources of income, deduction and investment planning, e-filing of returns, tax representation and refund support. Logon to to experience our Knowledge & Technology capabilities.


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  • Good to see there is one service provider for US and India taxes.

  • Really great!

  • If someone has at least $3000 in soaicl security, VA benefits or railroad retirement for 2007, they are eligible for $300 for the stimulus payment they have to file a tax return for 2007 though.If your dad has one of those he probably qualifies, and if you are receiving soaicl security disability, you probably do too.Anyone claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return does not qualify.

  • It is nothing more than a delay tatcic from the IRS. Our country is broke. Any delay of refunds will buy them time. I was fed a story that the EIC form was missing from my return. I am a tax preparer, have claimed EIC multiple years for my 3 children. Their names did not change, nor their social security numbers. My refund is substantial. The EIC form was in my sent copy of my return the IRS is just saying they did not receive it to delay my refund.For the first time home buyer scenario: This is one of the things us preparers are grumbling about. It was supposed to be a credit but the IRS is now saying it is an interest free loan from the government, and must be repaid on your tax return. You will have to repay a portion each year on your taxes until the credit is paid back in full.Oh and to the H&R Block website users if you itemize (Schedule A) the website will not catch everything. I proved it to a client of mine. I saved her an additional $200. Use someone qualified, such as a tax preparer who has experience and education on IRS tax code or a CPA.