Explore all your tax help options

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There must be times when you feel that you don’t understand your taxes and need to pay a visit to the IRS Taxpayers Assistance Center. This urge is felt by many of the U.S. taxpayers to get answers to many questions relating to their tax refunds, filing status, available payment options, amount of due taxes, etc.

What you must know is that all such things are readily available on your fingertips online. Plus, there are continuous tax updates and notifications being published on the MyTaxFiler website to keep you aloof with the latest tax-related news. It is our honest endeavor to update you with the latest tax news and updates so that you may plan your taxes diligently and don’t have to invest a lot of your time to get accurate tax help online.

Let us take a look at all the online self-help options using which you can get the answer to many of your tax-related woes.

Find answers to your basic tax-related questions

There are many online resources available at your disposal to explore and get answers to your basic tax-related queries. Such resources could be online applications or publications which elaborately talk about taxes and their implications. Some of these resources are: –

  1. The Interactive Taxpayer Assistant: The taxpayer assistant is an online tool from which you may ask all questions related to tax laws and get insightful answers.
  2. Publication 17: Publication 17 is an online publication which talks about all the tax law changes.
  3. Publication 5136: The Publication 5136 – IRS Service Guide is a PDF which talks at length about many tax tips and ways to get tax help.

Know all about your tax refunds

You can know the status of your refund right from your home without having to visit your IRS Taxpayers Assistance Center. You can find out all about your refunds by:-

  1. Visiting the IRS website or using the IRS2Go App and utilizing the ‘Where’s my refund’ tool.
  2. Calling at 800-829-1954 and exploring the audio version of the ‘Where’s my refund’ tool.

Explore all your tax payment options

There are many payment options available at your disposal to clear your tax dues. Many of such payment options include: –

  1. IRS Direct Pay: The payment option is available on the IRS website. You can use this free, secure electronic method to pay your taxes using your checking or savings account.
  2. Debit or Credit card: You can clear your tax dues using your debit or credit card. But since these are third-party providers, they might charge you an extra processing fee.
  3. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System: Using this payment option, you can pay your taxes using online and phone options.
  4. IRS2Go app: The app is a one-stop solution for mobile-friendly payment options, Direct Pay, and card payments using mobile devices.
  5. Cash Payment: You can clear your tax dues by making a cash payment in-person by visiting 7,000+ retail stores nationwide.
  6. Mail U.S. Treasury: You can also mail a personal, cashier’s check or money order to the U.S. Treasury. Don’t forget to send along the completed Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher. Please note that you shall never mail cash to the U.S. Treasury. Always use payment vouchers for making such payment.

Use your online accounts

Your online accounts can help you with many tidbits related to your tax returns. You can visit the IRS website and know all about your: –

  1. Tax dues and payable taxes for the year.
  2. Access online tools and get tax transcripts without having to log-in now and again.
  3. View your original files current year tax returns.


This blog’s primary objective was to update you about all the online self-help options available to get answers to your tax-related questions. As the MyTaxFiler team always says, knowledge can be your biggest weapon, and being updated with the latest tax updates can help you plan your taxes effectively. These tips are aimed to help you save your time and help yourself with the tidbits related to your federal income tax returns. For more details and to discuss at length about your tax obligations and wealth management plans, you can contact your MyTaxFiler expert and plan your future accordingly.

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