Everything You Need To Know About Covid 19 – SBA Disaster Loans

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The US Small Business Administration is offering disaster assistance loans for small businesses experiencing substantial economic distress as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19). You can utilize these loans to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable, and other bills, that cannot be paid because of the disaster’s impression. 

A webinar conducted by Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the main characteristics of the Small Business Administration loans amid COVID-19.

Here are the highlights of the SBA’s COVID-19 Disaster Relief Lending:

  • The SBA’s loans offer up to $2 million in support for each affected small business. 
  • The interest rate is 3.75% for small businesses, and for non-profits is 2.75%.
  • The SBA extends loans with long-term repayments to keep payments cost-effective, up to a maximum of 30 years, with fixed interest. 
  • For loans extending up to $25,000, there will be no need for collaterals. 
  • There is a bracket of 25-30 approval days for the closing of the loans. 
  • There are no applications or closing costs associated with the procedure. 
  • The SBA Disaster loan is a capital loan. 
  • Once your loan is approved, there will be no obligations.  
  • On approval, the applicant will receive a check from the Treasury Department. 
  • Post-approval, the applicant has the flexibility to not utilize the loan for up to one year. 
  • The SBA extends interest-only loans for one year.
  • Since it is a government loan, the bank is not involved. The first lien is with the government. 
  • The SBA will not decline a loan, if there’s a lack of collateral.
  • If in case there is a lien, the SBA will be the second lien holder. 
  • The pre-revenue company, which was already hard-pressed for cash, COVID-19 might not be the real reason for the shortfall for money. Hence, in such circumstances, no loan will be granted.
  • All owners with 20% or ownership of the business must submit their credits to the SBA. 
  • The loan will be declined by the SBA if in case 20% or more owners have enough money in their bank accounts. 
  • Another reason for disqualification will be, enough reserve to expenses for one year is a disqualification.
  • The SBA will accept online here.
  • The online system is a little prolonged. Hence, we advise you to be calm and patient.
  • Further, we advise you to write down and remember your password. 
  • Complete SBA Form 5, for sole proprietors: 5C and 4506T, and for personal financials: Form 413, YTD PL. 
  • The SBA typically receives 350K+ applications, and these days it is much higher. 
  • Typically, it takes about 3-4 weeks for a response, and now it might be longer.

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