Educators can now claim an additional tax deduction on certain unreimbursed expenses.

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Educators-Tax-CreditsFiling tax returns on time is omnipresent on the bucket list of almost all U.S. Citizens — resident or not. Reason being, no one wants to get in the eyes of the IRS to face the hefty tax penalties and interests charged on any delay in filing federal tax returns. Doing smart tax planning seems the only reasonable option and the way to go.

You can get relieved of much of your tax burden by filing for qualified tax credits and deductions. The only catch in the game is knowing where you can claim such credits and deductions, and to what limit.

Its good news for educators because they may be eligible for an extra tax deduction on their income tax returns.

In the latest update, the IRS has announced that educators can deduct any unreimbursed business or trade expenses from their tax returns. It’s welcome news for all educationists who did not receive reimbursements for expenses incurred by them for professional purposes. This is a well-deserved relief granted by IRS to those who are working dedicatedly to improve their knowledge base and deliver quality education to young U.S. students.

The tax deduction can be availed by all educationists by attaching the bills of the incurred business or trade expenses while filing their federal tax returns.

The following are the key highlight of this new development: –

Who are eligible for this tax deduction?

U.S. taxpayers who are teachers, instructors, counsellors, principals or aides engaged in a school which provides education from kindergarten through grade 12.

Another eligibility criterion is that such teachers, instructors, counsellors, principals or aids shall work for at least 900 hours a year in a school which provides elementary or secondary education.

If you have a tick mark on both these requirements, then hurray! You can claim this deduction on your tax returns and reduce your tax burden.

Know more about the deductible amount

The deductible amount which can be claimed by educationists for any unreimbursed amount on their tax returns is up to $250.

In case of a married couple who are both educationists and are filing a joint tax return, they can deduct an amount of up to $500 jointly.

Please note that the amount in deductions cannot exceed a limit of $250 per person in case of filing a joint tax return with the status ‘married.’

What are qualified expenses?

Qualified expenses are the trade or business expenses which shall be incurred by you (the educationist) during the tax year and for which the bills are attached in the filed tax return. So, remember to keep receipts of such expenses safely to claim this tax deduction.

What type of expenses can be deducted?

All business or trade expenses which are not reimbursed by the school can be deducted on your tax returns on the provision of valid receipts. A few of such expenses are as follows: –

1. Professional development course fee

2. Books purchased for upgrading knowledge or for delivery in class

3. Supplies

4. Computer hardware and software

5. Any other equipment and material used in the classroom

How can you claim this deduction?

You may claim this deduction by filling the Form 1040 or Form 1040-NR. Ensure to fill and attach the Form 1040, Schedule 1 while filing your tax returns.

The conclusion

Everyone wants to save and keep the maximum amount of their hard-earned money to themselves. Since filing for federal tax returns could be very taxing, efficient tax planning is a must to take benefit of all the qualified tax exemptions and credits is the smart way to go to reduce your tax burden.

Being updated with the latest tax news could be a great way to take informed tax decision and get a tax break. Educators now can get an additional deduction on their tax returns by taking these necessary tax saving initiatives and can reduce their tax liabilities.

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