Daily Tax Report

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Bloomberg BNA’s flagship daily news service —

Daily Tax Report® with Daily Tax RealTime® and TaxCore® Learn why leading practitioners and policymakers rely on Bloomberg BNA to keep on the cutting edge of taxation and accounting information.

  • Daily Tax RealTime®E-mail summaries of breaking news, along with links to the relevant full-text documents, in real time.
  • Daily Tax Report®Objective and comprehensive reporting on crucial legislative, regulatory, and legal tax developments — every business day.
  • TaxCore®A comprehensive, easily searchable database full-text documents from Congress, the IRS, and dozens of other sources.

Daily Tax Report® with Daily Tax RealTime® and TaxCore®

Changes in tax law are both relentless and fast-paced. Keeping track of significant developments in Congress, regulatory agencies, and the courts—without missing something significant—can be very difficult. State and international tax developments can make the situation even more complex. Finding out about those developments early enough to influence outcomes, or to do effective tax planning, is even harder. For more than 50 years, Daily Tax Report® has helped leading practitioners and policymakers keep on the cutting edge of taxation and accounting information.

Daily Tax Report® subscriptions include:

1. Daily Tax Report®

Your comprehensive source for news on key federal, state, and international legislative, regulatory, and judicial tax-related developments, including pensions and accounting. The Report provides full text of key legislative, regulatory, and judicial documents. The status of tax-related bills pending in Congress is updated with Hill Watch, a chart published at key intervals during each session, in addition to daily listings of congressional debates, reports filed, committee actions and meetings, and hearings scheduled. You also receive periodic special supplements and an annual Outlook report, along with perspective and trend articles by outside experts, interviews with key policymakers, and analysis by Bloomberg BNA editors.

2. Daily Tax RealTime®

Get concise summaries of significant regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments, along with the full text of important IRS and other tax-related documents. Bloomberg BNA posts these materials on the Web and e-mails updates as often as several times a day, the day they occur or are available, to provide you interim updates between daily issues. (Only Daily Tax Report Web subscribers receive Daily Tax RealTime.)

3. TaxCore®

This comprehensive database of tax-related documents from Congress, the IRS, and dozens of other sources is reproduced verbatim on the Web. The TaxCore® database contains the full text of thousands of congressional tax bills, IRS regulations and guidance, court decisions, official reports, statements, transcripts, memoranda, rulings, opinions, and other materials issued by public and private sector agencies and organizations in Washington, D.C., and nationwide. The database is both indexed and fully searchable to make locating any tax document quick and easy.

You can rely on Bloomberg BNA’s Daily Tax Report to help you:

  • Monitor all of the important tax issues that could influence the way you do business. Receive in-depth, objective daily news from Washington, DC, the states, and around the world.
  • Stay proactive with a complete tax news source, organized for easy access. Specialized sections cover Federal Tax & Accounting; State Tax & Accounting; International Tax & Accounting; Analysis & Perspective; Viewpoint, and Tax Decisions & Rulings.
  • Improve tax planning with the most up-to-date information on legislation and IRS regulations.
  • Minimize your clients’ or organization’s tax liabilities by keeping up with regulatory changes and enforcement activities.
  • Prepare for tax audits and litigation with analyses of key tax-related court rulings and full-text source documents.
  • Gain additional insight and essential data from Analysis & Perspective articles, interviews, text supplements, and the annual Tax and Accounting Outlook—all part of your subscription.

Bloomberg BNA’s database of TaxCore® documents helps you:

  • Review the full text of hundreds of official tax-related materials issued by public- and private-sector sources, including:
  • Bills and amendments
  • Comment letters
  • Congressional reports
  • Court decisions and U.S. Tax Court Memorandum Opinions
  • Government Accountability Office reports
  • IRS Actions on Decisions, Exemption Rulings, General Counsel’s Memorandums, hearing transcripts, Private Letter Rulings, Technical Advice Memorandums, and Service Center Advice Memorandums
  • Statements and testimony
  • Treasury correspondence
  • Save time and effort. Many of these items would be difficult to obtain if you could even locate them.
  • Avoid miscommunication by consulting the actual language of essential documents to ensure the accuracy of your work, plan sound strategies, and advise clients effectively.

Major Topics Covered:

Capital gains

Charitable contributions

Corporate taxes

Domestic production

Employee benefits

Health insurance

International taxation



R&D tax credits

Real estate taxes

State taxes

Tax accounting

Tax credits and exclusions

Tax reform

Transfer pricing

Formats & Updates:

Frequency: Published Every Business Day

Print Version: Report

Web Version: Report, TaxCore

E-mail: E-Mail Highlights

Source: bna.com.

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