Tax refund

Things Taxpayers Should Keep In Mind While Waiting On Their Refund

The tax deadline is close, and many of you must be excited to receive your tax refunds. As we all know that the IRS processes most of the refunds within 21 [...]

Will Your Tax Returns be Audited by IRS?

Many taxpayers are afraid of the term “tax audit.” But it’s nothing to get scared about! It’s just the state authority or the IRS double-checking [...]

IRS Code 1121 Delaying Refunds

The IRS is off to a strong start to the tax season. Through early February, millions of refunds worth billions of dollars have already been issued. There are [...]

IRS Pays Billions In Bogus Refunds-But Legit Refunds Still Get Audited

The IRS has had a string of recent failures, but paying out bogus refunds is particularly embarrassing. The IRS knows it is happening, knows which tax credits [...]

Waiting for your refund? IRS slowly catching up

The Internal Revenue service is catching up on processing tax returns in this delayed tax-filing season, but it's still behind last year's pace. The IRS [...]

Time is Running Short to Claim Your 2009 Refund

If you haven't filed your 2009 federal tax return, you may still have time to claim your tax refund. The IRS has $917 million in unclaimed refunds from an [...]

IRS Overwhelmed With Refund Requests, Asks Taxpayers To Slow Down

The IRS has announced that extremely high traffic is causing the “Where’s My Refund?” tool to be unavailable for some taxpayers at times this season. [...]

Personal Income Taxes Are One-Quarter of Federal Revenue

In the government’s fiscal year ending September 30, 2011, the IRS processed more than 144.7 million individual returns during the 2011 filing season and [...]

Delays in delivery of tax refunds continue, tax pros say

Taxpayers are continuing to wait longer than usual to receive their refunds, and a recent problem with the IRS' "Where's My Refund" tool caused many to fear [...]