Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liabilities with these important tax credits

The next federal income tax filing cycle is just around the corner, and we wish you are aware of all the ways to reduce your tax liabilities. The IRS [...]

Explore all your tax help options

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All about tax treatment for family members working in the family business

If you are a business owner and have your family members working with you, then you need to know about the tax treatment of your income and losses. As per [...]

Yet to clear your tax dues? Explore the new direct debit payment option

  Those of you who have not yet paid their taxes are in for a good news. The IRS has made the payment of your tax dues even easier with the [...]

IRS Revenue Procedure 2019-38: How can you benefit?

Good news for rental real estate owners! The IRS has recently issued the Revenue Procedure Code 2019-38. The code would allow taxpayers who have a stake in [...]

Have dependents? Know about different tax credits you can avail

Tax credit alert! If you are a U.S. taxpayer and have dependents, you are in for a tax-saving news! You may be eligible to claim a number of different tax [...]

Investing in Cryptocurrency – A Smart Wealth Management Strategy

Cryptocurrency Investment
Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? Then you are on the right track. Investment in cryptocurrency is generally perceived as a high-risk [...]

Great News! The IRS is waiving the 2018 estimated tax penalty

We have welcome news for all 2018 taxpayers who did not avail waiver for their income tax penalties in the last tax cycle. The IRS has announced that it will [...]

Why you should invest in a Tax Opportunity Zone Fund

If you are an investor or an entrepreneur and exploring options for a new investment or business expansion, then you have something to get really excited [...]

Educators can now claim an additional tax deduction on certain unreimbursed expenses.

Filing tax returns on time is omnipresent on the bucket list of almost all U.S. Citizens — resident or not. Reason being, no one wants to get in the eyes [...]