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Tax errors inadvertently committed by small business owners

Tax errors by small business owners
  We have noticed small businesses making common tax errors while filing their returns. These common errors might include accidentally overriding [...]

Get ready for filing 2019 returns – 2

Get ready for filing 2019 returns - 2
In our previous blog, we talked extensively about tax withholdings. In continuation of it, we will focus on things you can prepare and keep handy before [...]

Get ready for filing 2019 returns – 1

Get ready for filing 2019 returns
If you are an eligible taxpayer, then this is the perfect time for you to start preparing for your 2019 tax returns. You might think this is too early to [...]

Get ready to file your upcoming tax returns

Get ready to file your upcoming tax returns
Are you waiting for January to start your preparations for filing 2019 federal income tax returns? We say, why wait? The preparation requires small [...]

Good news for NRIs! You can now use your Aadhaar Card to file Indian Income Tax Returns

Good news NRIs
All the NRIs based out in the U.S. are in for good news! As per the latest notification and 2019 Indian budget, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has [...]

Reduce your tax liabilities with these important tax credits

The next federal income tax filing cycle is just around the corner, and we wish you are aware of all the ways to reduce your tax liabilities. The IRS [...]

Explore all your tax help options

There must be times when you feel that you don’t understand your taxes and need to pay a visit to the IRS Taxpayers Assistance Center. This urge is felt [...]

All about tax treatment for family members working in the family business

If you are a business owner and have your family members working with you, then you need to know about the tax treatment of your income and losses. As per [...]

Yet to clear your tax dues? Explore the new direct debit payment option

  Those of you who have not yet paid their taxes are in for a good news. The IRS has made the payment of your tax dues even easier with the [...]

Why do you need to know your filing status

Did you know that there is a filing status for your tax return? And this filing status might vary during the tax year? If no, then you need to do some [...]