Tax Credit

Reduce your tax liabilities with these important tax credits

The next federal income tax filing cycle is just around the corner, and we wish you are aware of all the ways to reduce your tax liabilities. The IRS [...]

Why do you need to know your filing status

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Have dependents? Know about different tax credits you can avail

Tax credit alert! If you are a U.S. taxpayer and have dependents, you are in for a tax-saving news! You may be eligible to claim a number of different tax [...]

Earned Interest Tax Credit – How Can You Benefit From It?

  The earned income tax credit is good news for all of you who have a low-to-moderate financial condition. The IRS allows an earned income tax [...]

2 tax credits that will help you through college

Now you can avail tax credits on money paid for your own or your dependent’s post-high school education, thus getting a significant tax break. The purpose [...]

Business-From-Home? Make use of these tax credits

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Claim tax credit for the paid leaves you provide your employees

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Save big on your returns through Georgia Film Tax Credits

Have you ever wondered why most of the renowned movies like the Ant-man and the Wasp, Baywatch, The Hunger Games, and X-Man: First Class, etc., all have [...]

Make The Most of Tax Breaks While The Sun Shines This Summer

Summer is a season when most of us plan on doing something fruitful with our time, be it pursuing a summer internship, multiple jobs, buying a new home or [...]

Educators can now claim an additional tax deduction on certain unreimbursed expenses.

Filing tax returns on time is omnipresent on the bucket list of almost all U.S. Citizens — resident or not. Reason being, no one wants to get in the eyes [...]