Tax Amendment

10 Tax Commandments….To Keep IRS Away

10 Tax Commandments? I won’t suggest taxation and religion are similar, at least not to most people. But certain tax rules are nearly inviolate, and ignoring [...]

How Far Back Can IRS Claim Tax Evasion Or Fraud? Timing Is Everything

Anyone who is hiding income or assets from the taxman should consider how long they need to be looking over their shoulder. Even if you aren't actively hiding [...]

Amended Return Will Not Automatically Trigger Audit, IRS Manager Says

Taxpayers filing an amended return generally do not increase their chance of being audited, an IRS manager said on October 19. Russell Renwick, IRS group [...]

Beware Amending Tax Returns

Axiomatically, you sign your federal income tax return under penalties of perjury.  That means it should be accurate and complete.  But in the real world, [...]