Meal Expense Tax Deductibility – 50% vs 100%

Abstract: Any food and beverage expenses that are directly related or associated with the active conduct of a trade or business are allowed to be deducted as [...]

IRS Clarifies Who Is Subject to 50% Limit on Meal and Entertainment Expenses

The IRS issued final regulations clarifying which party is subject to the 50% limit on deductible meal and entertainment expenses under Sec. 274(n) (T.D. [...]

What If A Taxpayer Doesn’t Have Receipts?

If you understand anything about our tax system, it's probably that you must have receipts. As a tax lawyer for the last 30 years, it seems like heresy to [...]

Three Tax Mistakes You Make Every Day

Harvey Silverglate's new bookThree Felonies a Day argues that a combination of vague laws and changing technologies has led the average American to [...]

Tax Return Filed? Now Consider Your Records

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