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Tax credits for qualified plug-in electric vehicles make their lofty cost more palatable

Auto manufacturers have significantly increased their offerings of passenger autos that are propelled solely or significantly by electric power. Plug-ins [...]

IRS Announces 2018 Estate And Gift Tax Limits: $11.2 Million Per Couple

It’s official. For 2018, the estate and gift tax exemption is $5.6 million per individual, up from $5.49 million in 2017. That means an individual can leave [...]

Moving States To Beat The Tax Man?

Before you sell your company, settle a lawsuit, or experience a big cash event, you might be planning how much you’ll collect. A sale or a move may also be [...]

Leaving California And Its Taxes? Be Careful

It is easy to love California, but its high taxes? Not so much. And it just got worse as California Voters Sock It To The Rich. Some will head for the exits [...]

Do I Have to Charge Sales Tax for Online Transactions?

Sales Tax for Online Transactions If you have a business that sells products online, you may or may not have to collect sales tax from customers who order [...]

Annual State-Local Tax Burden Ranking

Introduction For nearly two decades the Tax Foundation has published an estimate of the combined state and local tax burden shouldered by the residents of [...]