Screen help

Step: 1 Select a Service (Individual or Business)

“Mytaxfiler provides services for both individual and business taxation (ie., a combo box after the country). The user can select a services based on [...]

Step: 2 Update or Add Profile

This feature enables the user to specify the primary information about themselves which will be used for tax filing purpose. Separate tabs are available [...]

Step: 3 Complete Questionnaire/Upload documents

MyTaxFiler developed a simple questionnaire. This feature facilitate the user to Download and fill-out our simple [...]

Status of service

The “Status of Service” feature allows you to view and/or edit your service order and you can verify any outstanding items or tasks which are needed [...]

Pay Invoices

This feature is used for making payment towards pending invoices. You can view the list of pending invoices against the order, clicking which will show a [...]

Approve Transactions

The pending approval will list all the documents which are uploaded by the tax professional for you to review and approve. In order to approve/reject the [...]

Message Center / Mailbox

Message center provides services similar to a normal mailbox. This feature facilitates you to: 1. Compose a New Email - compose a new e-mail to the tax [...]

Alerts & Notifications

Please visit this tab frequently to see any Alerts and Notifications sent by the Tax Professionals. We appreciate Earliest / Immediate response from [...]

My documents (Upload documents)

This feature facilitate the user to upload any documents (eg: W-2s, Form 1099s, etc..) which are needed to complete the tax returns. Separate tabs are [...]

Earn Rich Incentives

This feature enables the user to earn attractive incentives by referring a new client to the Mytaxfiler. The user can refer multiple new clients by providing [...]