13.4M People May Owe More Taxes Because of Making Work Pay Credit

Approximately 13.4 million taxpayers who received the Making Work Pay Credit that was included in the economic stimulus bill may end up owing taxes, [...]

Recovery hopes begin to blossom

A growing number of economists say they see signs that the battered U.S. economy could start to recover as soon as this summer. By Chris Isidore, [...]

Forecasters: Economy worse in '09, better in '10

Forecasters: Economy worse in '09, better in '10 WASHINGTON_Brace yourself: The recession is projected to worsen this year. The country stands to lose a [...]

US Economy, when will we see normalcy again?

2008 Recession is known to be one of the worst recessions since World War 2. Households are not only cutting their day to day expenses, but also resorting to [...]