Reasonable Compensation

Reasonable Compensation

Now Is the Time: Converting a C Corporation to an S Corporation or LLC

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Current historically low tax rates, scheduled to expire at the end of 2012, plus correspondingly low values for assets like real estate [...]

Avoid IRS Audit Triggers

32 years as a tax lawyer advising clients and handling tax disputes makes me circumspect about addressing this at all.  It’s only natural to think [...]

US Expats or Expatriates

Relief! No more 'how to file US taxes from India' anxiety ...In this stage of Your Financial Life, Mytaxfiler can help you... US India tax laws are [...]

What Is Reasonable Compensation for S Corporation Shareholder-Employees?

The issue of what reasonable compensation for shareholder-employees of S corporations should be has been around for some time. Every time the IRS accepts a [...]

IRS Penalties on Individuals

IRS Penalties and Individuals By Nancy Faussett, CPA, Publication date: 03/27/2009 There are more than 150 civil penalties in the IRS Code. While the [...]