Reasonable Compensation

Reasonable Compensation

Global Value Add Inc. joins the US – India Chamber of Commerce – Dallas/FT.Worth

Stay connected with us on social media       Chamber News The Chamber would welcome our newest [...]

Using Corporate Minutes to Protect Against a Reasonable Compensation Challenge

We regularly emphasize how important it is to have your S Corp clients who perform services for their S Corp research and document their Reasonable [...]

Establishing fair market value for purposes of Section 409A and stock option grants

As a general rule, all stock option grants need to have an exercise price at or above the fair market value of the company’s common stock on the date such [...]

Reasonable Compensation For C Corporation Shareholder-Employees: How Much Is Too Much?

If you decide to set up your business as a C corporation, you have two primary ways of extracting  value from the business on an ongoing basis: you can [...]

Tax Treatment and Planning Strategies for Nonresident Individuals

Alien individuals that have U.S.-source income can be taxed as residents of the United States if they meet certain requirements. Otherwise, they [...]

Tax treatment of employer-provided meals and lodging

Gross income generally includes the fair market value (FMV) of meals and lodging received from one's employer. However, Sec. 119 allows an employee to exclude [...]

How the Mega-Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

It is rumored that some of the wealthiest Americans manage to pay less in taxes than some of their employees. They achieve this by one of two methods: doing [...]

Recent Developments in Compensation and Benefits – Part 2

Unrelated Business Income Tax In February, the IRS issued proposed regulations under Sec. 512(a) providing guidance on how voluntary employee benefit [...]

Shhh, Home Office And Other IRS Audit Trigger Secrets

People have worried for decades that home office deductions flag their returns for audit. Yet more than half of working Americans work for a small business or [...]

Tax Geek Tuesday: Reasonable Compensation In The S Corporation Arena

As tax advisors, we often find ourselves at odds with our S corporation shareholder-employee clients when it comes to setting compensation. Typically, the [...]