Federal Tax Deposit Penalties – Form 940, Form 941, or Form 944

Failure to Deposit Penalty Percentage Rates:   At a Glance Failure to Deposit Penalty Rates for Unpaid Tax:   1-5 days late: 2% 6-15 [...]

IRS Says If You’re Willful, Penalties Hit 100%, $10,000 If You’re Not

What’s an FBAR? Now called FinCEN Form 114, an FBAR is a non-U.S. bank account report. If you have non-U.S. bank accounts that aggregate over $10,000 at any [...]

The 1031 Exchange Blog

In a 1031 exchange, a qualified intermediary (QI), accommodator or facilitator is engaged to provide exchange documentation and hold the exchange proceeds [...]

Is Failing To Issue IRS Forms 1099 Criminal?

Everyone knows something about IRS Form 1099, and if you don’t, you should. It’s that little slip of paper—barely a third of a sheet—but bearing [...]

IRS Criminal Investigations Unit Boasts 94 Percent Conviction Rate

The cases that the criminal investigations unit at the Internal Revenue Service sends to the tax division have a 94 percent conviction rate, making it the [...]