Like kind exchange

1031 Like Kind Exchange Explained

The 1031 like kind exchange target persona is an individual or corporation who owns real or personal property held for productive use in a trade, business or [...]

2013 Capital Gains Tax and Impact on 1031 Exchange

Internal Revenue Service Section 1031 exchange has garnered renewed interest from CPAs, tax attorneys and individual investors as a result of higher [...]

Depreciation and 1031 Exchange

Depreciation can be a confusing and difficult concept to understand. Individuals and businesses need to have a working knowledge of how to use depreciation [...]

Three Issues to a Foreign 1031 Exchange

Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 applies to the citizen or resident of the United States (US) or non-resident alien subject to US federal income [...]

The 1031 Exchange Blog

In a 1031 exchange, a qualified intermediary (QI), accommodator or facilitator is engaged to provide exchange documentation and hold the exchange proceeds [...]