Federal Income Tax

All about the tax responsibilities of household employers

Household employers
Are you and your spouse both working professionals and have dependents back home? By dependents, we mean your old age parents or children who need some [...]

Here’s useful tax Information for Military Personnel

If you or anyone of your family members is military personnel, then you need to be aware of how you need to treat your taxes. Taxpayers who belong to [...]

Tax credits for qualified plug-in electric vehicles make their lofty cost more palatable

Auto manufacturers have significantly increased their offerings of passenger autos that are propelled solely or significantly by electric power. Plug-ins [...]

Federal Tax Haul Hits New Highs

The federal government brought in $3.02 trillion in tax and other revenues in fiscal 2014 – its highest take ever. Year-end data from the September 2014 [...]

Some Presidential Words On Federal Income Taxes

Julian Block is back, this time with a collection of thoughts by Presidents and Presidential candidates on taxation. Some Presidential Words On Federal [...]