Planning to settle abroad post-retirement? Here are a few tax tips!

Most people imagine their retirement nest to be a haven with an amazing view of the sunset each evening. They spend their entire lives saving for their [...]

Taxpayers residing outside U.S. questioned at U.S. border regarding back taxes

Taxpayers traveling to the United States with unpaid U.S. tax assessments can be detained at the border, questioned, and flagged for follow-up enforcement. [...]

Group Urges Government to Ease Reporting Burdens for Americans Abroad

The government should take major steps to ease the burdens of the many financial account reporting requirements imposed on U.S. taxpayers living overseas, [...]

Thumbnail Tax Guidance For U.S. Taxpayers Abroad

What should you do if you are a dual citizen of the U.S. and another country, living abroad and not compliant with U.S. taxes? There's no easy answer, and [...]