Estate Planning

IRS Announces 2018 Estate And Gift Tax Limits: $11.2 Million Per Couple

It’s official. For 2018, the estate and gift tax exemption is $5.6 million per individual, up from $5.49 million in 2017. That means an individual can leave [...]

Dynasty & Grantor Trusts

A Dynasty Trust is a trust that lasts for a long period of time, often multiple generations. Creators can achieve great economic benefits through the use of [...]

Limited Liability Company 101

As a business owner, you will be faced with many important decisions, including what business structure to use in your company formation. While many countries [...]

Limited Liability Companies for Beginners

Over the past fifteen years, limited liability companies have become one of the most popular ways for investors to structure their holdings, beating out [...]

How Families Can Invest Together with an LLC

One of the best uses of a limited liability company is as a vehicle for families to pool their money together to invest alongside one another. The benefits of [...]

Estate Tax

The tax imposed on your right to transfer property at your death is called as Estate Tax. The Federal estate tax is imposed on the transfer of the taxable [...]

House votes to extend tax on wealthy estates

WASHINGTON — The House voted Thursday to permanently extend a 45 percent inheritance tax on estates larger than $3.5 million, canceling a one-year repeal of [...]

What Does Ted Kennedy's Will Say?

What Does Ted Kennedy's Will Say? Monday October 5, 2009 Ted Kennedy's Last Will and Testament was filed for probate with the Barnstable County, MA, court [...]

Should I plan my retirement tax strategy?? YES YOU SHOULD!

Our life changes with various life changing events and retirement is one such life changing event which not only changes our life…but also our income and [...]