Entity Formation

Tax group releases state-by-state rankings

A string of low-tax states top the list for best business climates in the country, according to a new study from the Tax Foundation. Wyoming, South Dakota, [...]

Why Not An LLC?

Limited liability companies are increasingly the entity of choice for new businesses of fewer than 50 employees.  Appropriately so, for LLCs offer great [...]

Think You Can Save Big by Incorporating in Nevada or Delaware? Think Again

Don't listen to anyone trying to sell you on the idea of incorporating out-of-state in Nevada or Delaware. More than likely, it's a scam.As a tax lawyer [...]

5 Cost-Cutting Ideas for Small-Business Owners

NEW YORK (Money Crashers) — “Business as usual” is taking on new meaning as businesses small and large prepare for change. For instance, if you employ at [...]

Business Entity Choices Reflect Gap Between Tax Rates, JCT Says

A number of different factors go into the choices that business leaders make in choosing an entity for the classification of their companies, but one key [...]

C or S Corporation Choice is Critical for Small Business

When an individual outgrew a proprietorship, a corporation used to be the norm. Today, limited liability companies (LLCs) are the new normal. See IRS: [...]

LLC Tax Benefits For Small Businesses

Why is it smarter to operate a business as a LLC for tax purposes? No matter the timing, it is important for you to consider which business entity will [...]

Starting a Business in U.S. by a Foreign National

Entering into the U.S. market is a great venture for many foreign businesses as U.S. citizenship or residency is not mandatory to start a business in US, [...]

S Corp vs LLC – Which form of entity is the right one for me?

We are often asked the question by new entrepreneurs and small business owners as to which is better for them to incorporate – S Corporation or a Limited [...]